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Back from CITCON Europe Amsterdam 2008

I came back this morning from the conference, my third time after Brussels in 07 and London in 06. It was great as usual. If you haven’t been to an Open Space conference, know that you are seriously missing out on … Continue reading

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My contributions to Hudson got approved for GlassFish Award Program

My Fit plugin for Hudson and the translation into French got approved for the GAP program. This means I am going to receive money from Sun! I am going to be rich, rich, rich! Err… not quite. Once the 30% … Continue reading

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Everything is vague to a degree you do not realise till you have tried to make it precise

I am currently reviewing the first draft of Gojko Adzic‘s book Agile Acceptance Testing (I am still at the beginning, but I like it so far). He has a citation from Bertrand Arthur Russell’s Philosophy of Logical Atomism that is … Continue reading

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Sonar and Hudson

I have only mentioned once Sonar in the past on this blog. I should do that more often, as it is truly a great tool. If you read French, please check out my report on a presentation that Freddy Mallet, … Continue reading

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Continuous Integration at Agile 2008

You might have noticed that I am taking a great interest in the practice of Continuous Integration (especially in the tool Hudson, of course!). Agile 2008 is just around the corner, and I’m particularly eager to hear the latest about … Continue reading

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“Creating Change One Tic-Tac At a Time” Presentation finally online

I have refered a couple of times to the presentation by Jeffrey Fredrick and Alistair Cockburn. Jeffrey used it in a “How to introduce CI” session at CITCON London 2006. I also mentioned that a CI Game had been implemented … Continue reading

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Behavior-Driven Development vs. Test-Driven Requirements

These days, I have had the opportunity to think more about Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with tools such as JBehave, RSpec, TestDox, and Test-Driven Requirements (TDR) with tools such as Fit, FitNesse, GreenPepper, Concordion. Here are my conclusions.

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RichNesse, a WYSIWYG editor for FitNesse

After a pointer by Jérôme Piétri, a colleague of mine at Valtech, I have had a look at RichNesse, a WYSIWYG interface for editing pages under Fitnesse. It is based on FCKEditor. All in all, I am impressed.

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Contribute to Hudson!

Readers to this blog know that I take every opportunity to talk about Hudson, one of the very best Continuous Integration tools. Well, I have another very good reason: you can contribute to it and make money, at least if … Continue reading

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About the French translation in Hudson

The French translation of Hudson is a contribution I have made to the project. The work is complete for the core part of Hudson, and I consider it stable, though many bits are not internationalized, hence appear in English. What … Continue reading

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Hudson creator now dedicated full-time

That’s what you get when you spend several days polishing a post. Unlike what I suggested in my previous post from today, Sun does seem to take action regarding Hudson. Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Hudson creator, has just been promoted to working … Continue reading

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CruiseControl is still the bigger player; Hudson is growing

I thought it’d be interesting to look at some download statistics for Hudson and CruiseControl, probably the 2 OpenSource CI tools with the most mindshare currently. Want to know more about CruiseControl, Hudson, and other CI tools? Meet the creators, … Continue reading

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A few words on Test-Driven Development

Cédric Dhénin from TV4IT has an interview of me talking about TDD (in French).

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JavaPosse mentions 200th release of Hudson

The JavaPosse podcast #178 mentions that Hudson has reached version 1.200 in 2 years and a half. The hosts made jokes on the number of releases… well, by the time they aired on April 8th, Hudson had actually reached 1.205. … Continue reading

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CITCON Denver is over, all hail CITCON Melbourne

The North-American edition of CITCON, the conference on Continuous Integration and Testing is over. Check out the session notes on the conference wiki.

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