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Valtech Sponsors CITCON Amsterdam

The Conference on Continuous Integration & Testing is taking place this year in Denver (April 4 & 5), Melbourne (June 27 & 28) and Amsterdam (October 3 & 4).

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Paris JUG Rocks On

With its second installment yesterday evening, Paris JUG is confirmed as the de facto meeting place for Java enthusiasts in Paris.

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Using Fitnesse with DoFixture From FitLibrary

I like FitLibrary and I like Fitnesse. However, there is really one thing to keep in mind when migrating from plain old ActionFixtures under Fitnesse to DoFixtures.

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What builds are set up on my Continuous Integration tool

On projects that I see, most are using a Continuous Integration tool. Many, however, still do not use those tools to their fullest. Here is what I typically set up on projects that I have control on.

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Skipping tests with Maven

The Maven Surefire page explains that -DskipTests and -Dmaven.test.skip=true can both be used to avoid running tests. If you use an old-ish version of Surefire (pre-2.4) or even if you use the latest version (2.4.2 as of February 21th, 2008), … Continue reading

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CITCON 2008: Register to Denver and Melbourne

CITCON, the conference on Continuous Integration & Testing, is coming to Denver, April 4 & 5. Seats are limited (but free!) and registration has been going briskly (probably the fastest of all CITCON events). Register now!

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Hudson in French

I have finally been able to make some progress towards translating Hudson in French. The latest version (1.181) will now display automatically in French if your web browser is appropriately configured.

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Using Hudson as a Continuous Integration tool for Python

On a project I’m involved in, we are programming both in Java and Python. The Java part has been written TDD-style, with Hudson as the CI tool from the beginning. I’ve tried to promote unit testing and CI for the … Continue reading

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Valtech Days: Hudson Demo

My quest for spreading the word about Hudson continues.

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Concordion, an alternative to FIT

Concordion, a tool that was presented at CITCON Brussels a week ago, is finally out. The approach is interesting and can be compared to FIT or FitNesse. Where FIT and FitNesse let analysts/testers give examples in the specifications documents as … Continue reading

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CITCON Brussels 2007: Hudson

After doing it at AgileOpen, I again had the chance to demonstrate Hudson. The attendants had all proved their CI credentials, to say the least, as they included developers on AnthillPro, Build-o-matic, and CruiseControl, of course (how many CC developers … Continue reading

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CITCON Brussels 2007: Jester & Jumble

I was very excited when Squirrel suggested a topic about mutation testing. I had looked at Jester & Jumble before, but gave up after a couple of hours, as they are not very easy to setup, and mostly not maintained. … Continue reading

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Back from CITCON Brussels 2007

I came back from Brussels this Sunday evening, after some visiting of the city. The conference has been a blast, especially networking with other participants. It has been great seeing again people that were there last year in London… and … Continue reading

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CITCON Brussels Registrations are going nicely

We now have more than 80 registrants for CITCON Brussels, more than 2 weeks before the 19th. This year, I have volunteered to help organize registrations, so I get to see every single registration request. It’s interesting: sometimes, you don’t … Continue reading

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Unitils: a better Gienah?

On my current project, I am using Gienah as a way to integrate JUnit tests with Spring. I am rather pleased with the result, keeping my unit tests quite clean. I just heard today about Unitils, a more ambitious tool. … Continue reading

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