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Is Fit Dead? A debate on Twitter

Influential members of the Agile community recently discussed the current state and history of Fit (the original thing, not Fitnesse or other Fit-inspired tools). The conversation took place on Twitter mostly on Tuesday, March 3rd and Wednesday, March 4th. Here is … Continue reading

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Fitnesse now supports versioning to SCMs!

I really like how Fitnesse is doing these days (I even subscribed to the mailing list, which I had not considered last year, for example). Bob Martin is adding features every few weeks. It is great! In the release he … Continue reading

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Bob Martin on Hudson

Yep, you heard it here first: Uncle Bob loves Hudson! Not content with the videos on Slim, he has just produced another one showing how to do basic staff with Hudson. And by the sound of his voice, he is … Continue reading

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Data types in Slim

After an initial introduction video, one on comparaison operators, Bob Martin has now a video on Data Types in Slim, his Fit replacement in Fitnesse. Data types in Slim are simple. They can only be Strings and Lists, though it … Continue reading

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Comparaison operators in Slim for Fitnesse

Now that the release of Slim is done, Bob Martin is spending time producing tutorial videos. The new one is about comparaisons in Slim. There are two majors things to learn in it: approximate equals ranges The ~= sign means “approximately equals … Continue reading

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Bob Martin releases Fitnesse with Slim

You are probably familiar with Fitnesse, a wiki site that wraps Fit. It is basically an environment that helps attaching tests to specifications. Some call this a Test-Driven Requirements (TDR) tool. It has been originally written by Robert C Martin … Continue reading

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RichNesse, a WYSIWYG editor for FitNesse

After a pointer by Jérôme Piétri, a colleague of mine at Valtech, I have had a look at RichNesse, a WYSIWYG interface for editing pages under Fitnesse. It is based on FCKEditor. All in all, I am impressed.

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Using Fitnesse with DoFixture From FitLibrary

I like FitLibrary and I like Fitnesse. However, there is really one thing to keep in mind when migrating from plain old ActionFixtures under Fitnesse to DoFixtures.

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