Contribute to Hudson!

Readers to this blog know that I take every opportunity to talk about Hudson, one of the very best Continuous Integration tools. Well, I have another very good reason: you can contribute to it and make money, at least if you let yourself known before the end of June.

Sun has started what they call the GlassFish Awards Program. Under it, contributions to some projects are eligible to cash awards. One of these projects is Hudson, and what’s important is that not too many contributions have been made so far, so it is likely that yours could actually get money!

Many types of contributions are accepted: courseware, user-groups, plugins… as for me, I intend to submit the translation to French, as well as my Fit plugin — that is, if I can get moving before it is too late ;-)

It is not easy to say how much money can be made. It depends on the quality of the submission, but also on the number of submissions that are accepted. I guess it should be rather easy to make a few hundred US$ (of course, as Kirk Pepperdine says, that’s probably only a couple of euros ;-) ).

How wrong I was when I said that Sun was not founding Hudson much!

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