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Data types in Slim

After an initial introduction video, one on comparaison operators, Bob Martin has now a video on Data Types in Slim, his Fit replacement in Fitnesse. Data types in Slim are simple. They can only be Strings and Lists, though it … Continue reading

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Comparaison operators in Slim for Fitnesse

Now that the release of Slim is done, Bob Martin is spending time producing tutorial videos. The new one is about comparaisons in Slim. There are two majors things to learn in it: approximate equals ranges The ~= sign means “approximately equals … Continue reading

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Bob Martin releases Fitnesse with Slim

You are probably familiar with Fitnesse, a wiki site that wraps Fit. It is basically an environment that helps attaching tests to specifications. Some call this a Test-Driven Requirements (TDR) tool. It has been originally written by Robert C Martin … Continue reading

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Everything is vague to a degree you do not realise till you have tried to make it precise

I am currently reviewing the first draft of Gojko Adzic‘s book Agile Acceptance Testing (I am still at the beginning, but I like it so far). He has a citation from Bertrand Arthur Russell’s Philosophy of Logical Atomism that is … Continue reading

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Behavior-Driven Development vs. Test-Driven Requirements

These days, I have had the opportunity to think more about Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) with tools such as JBehave, RSpec, TestDox, and Test-Driven Requirements (TDR) with tools such as Fit, FitNesse, GreenPepper, Concordion. Here are my conclusions.

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