A few words on Test-Driven Development

Cédric Dhénin from TV4IT has an interview of me talking about TDD (in French).

Considering this was the first time for me, and that we had to do it all in one take (no editing), I am rather happy with the outcome. There are a couple of minor things I forgot to mention (only the interviewer had notes), but all in all, I managed to say almost all I wanted in the 5 minutes I got. Anyway, this was rather high-level; the target audience for TV4IT is mostly CIOs and project managers.

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2 Responses to A few words on Test-Driven Development

  1. Patrick P. says:

    Mes félicitations pour une présentation en 5 minutes sans notes. Je vais essayer de la faire visionner par mes développeurs : c’est pas encore gagné ;-)

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