About the French translation in Hudson

The French translation of Hudson is a contribution I have made to the project. The work is complete for the core part of Hudson, and I consider it stable, though many bits are not internationalized, hence appear in English.

What can you do if you want to help?

  • visit the wiki page for the French translation: it provides the latest status of the effort
  • report typos, alternative translations, anything that can enhance the current translation. Do this on the above-mentioned wiki page (an email will be sent to me automatically), or get in touch with me directly (via a comment to this post, for example)
  • if you are a contributor to Hudson, join the internationalization effort
  • translate the plugins; I have hardly worked on any plugin at all (except the Fit plugin, which I have written myself). This is the area that needs most work.
  • demonstrate Hudson in French to your French-speaking colleagues! for this, simply change the preferred language in your browser to French
  • spread the word about Hudson!

Generally, once committed, enhancements to Hudson are released within a couple of days. So anything you contribute will be quickly visible.

I am looking forward to hear from you! And many thanks for your time and efforts.

About Eric Lefevre-Ardant

Independent technical consultant.
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