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Cyber Dojo for teaching TDD

I’ve been teaching “Agile Projects” (yes, the title does feel a bit strange) to undergraduate students for a few years, and I’ve always took that opportunity to spend half a day on TDD. That meant me demo’ing a test-first implementation … Continue reading

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Worse than static methods or final classes?

Do you know what’s worse that static methods or classes marked as final? I’ll tell you what’s worse: static methods that return final classes. That only provides private constructors. Here I was, merrily testing my way through a piece of … Continue reading

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Java’s varargs are for unit tests

At Devoxx last week, Joshua Bloch argued during his talk “The Evolution of Java: Past, Present, and Future” that varargs are only “somewhat useful”. I think he is overlooking some usages, particularly in tests. Here is my case.

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Bob Martin on TDD in Clojure

Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin has just blogged on the differences in TDD styles using Clojure, as compared to more traditional languages such as Java. Though I am a Clojure-newbie, I mostly disagree with his conclusions. His main point is that, … Continue reading

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More about Coding Dojo at CITCON Amsterdam

As a nice followup to my earlier post, Willem did a great write up of our Coding Dojo session at CITCON Europe, in early October. His post is supplemented with pictures by Marc.

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Coding Dojo on Legacy Code

At CITCON Amsterdam last WE, Willem van den Ende and I facilitate a Coding Dojo session on both Mockito and Legacy Code. Willem and I thought that we had missed some of our goals (especially demonstrating Mockito), but still many people at … Continue reading

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Next Talk: TDD Training

I am giving a 3-day TDD training session at Valtech Training premises, from Monday, October 6th. I’ll introduce a Coding Dojo, like we did in the TDD training last week.

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Improvised Coding Dojo

In the past three days, I have taught Test-Driven Development to a group of Java developers in Brittany. I thought it was a good idea to arrange an inpromptu Coding Dojo. That contained a moderate risk, as all dojos I … Continue reading

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A few words on Test-Driven Development

Cédric Dhénin from TV4IT has an interview of me talking about TDD (in French).

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CITCON Brussels 2007: Jester & Jumble

I was very excited when Squirrel suggested a topic about mutation testing. I had looked at Jester & Jumble before, but gave up after a couple of hours, as they are not very easy to setup, and mostly not maintained. … Continue reading

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CITCON Brussels Registrations are going nicely

We now have more than 80 registrants for CITCON Brussels, more than 2 weeks before the 19th. This year, I have volunteered to help organize registrations, so I get to see every single registration request. It’s interesting: sometimes, you don’t … Continue reading

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Test Driven Design and Data Access Layer

I am currently writing the Data Access Layer of a Java project using Hibernate and I want to apply TDD on my work. The part that is concerned with the database is the mapping of objects on the database schema, … Continue reading

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Great interest in OpenSpace and FIT technologies

I arranged a presentation last week to my colleagues, with Guillaume Tardif as co-host. We were quite pleased that many more people than expected showed up. The most part of the presentation was about OpenSpace Technologies. We are planning to … Continue reading

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