Paris JUG Rocks On

With its second installment yesterday evening, Paris JUG is confirmed as the de facto meeting place for Java enthusiasts in Paris.

This edition was dedicated to Selenium, a testing tool for web interfaces, and its various sub-projects (including Selenium Grid). The crowd was more than 45 people-strong, which was more than the room could accommodate (again)! There were talks of moving to another location (Sun would probably be happy to host it).

Like the first time, the post-presentation discussions were the most interesting part. In fact, they were the reason I came to begin with!
Interestingly, many employees from our direct competitors were there. I managed to talk some of them into sponsoring CITCON, yay! ;-)

In April, the Paris JUG will host a talk by Kirk Pepperdine, a leader in performances in Java applications. If you are in Paris at that time, don’t miss it!

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