Using Fitnesse with DoFixture From FitLibrary

I like FitLibrary and I like Fitnesse. However, there is really one thing to keep in mind when migrating from plain old ActionFixtures under Fitnesse to DoFixtures.

And that is: remember to remove import tables in your Setup pages.

The way DoFixtures work, is that they put the test into a ‘flow’ mode. However, that works only if the DoFixture is the first table in the page. Even the harmless import table should be removed. Which is not a big deal, since you normally have few additional fixtures in the page. However, it also means that you cannot use a Setup page with an import table to define default packages.

One thing I don’t like about FitLibrary, is that it does not have its own website (or rather, it used to, on SourceForge, but all pages have been removed), so you lack a reference documentation. What you end up doing, is using the FitLibrary that comes with Fitnesse, only to realize that many comments on the Internet refer to a more recent version. And you have to download the latest version of Fitlibrary (an its documentation)  anyway.

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  1. Rich says:

    Thanks for putting this out there. I can’t believe this is the only place this information is found regarding Fitnesse.

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