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CITCON Brussels October 19-20

This year, I am going to attend the conference on Continuous Integration and Testing, in Brussels on October 19-20. The last edition I’ve been to, in London last year, was enormous fun, so I cannot wait to get there. Join … Continue reading

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‘Matrix’ project building with Hudson

The crazy (8 releases in the past 30 days!) Hudson dev team has just introduced a new feature. They call it a ‘matrix project’. The idea is that a configuration would often be common to many builds. Say, one for … Continue reading

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AgileOpen – Continuous Integration with Hudson

After a session on Agile Tooling, I suggested a demo of Hudson. I thought that went rather well. For me, Hudson is definitely the best CI tool today. It is still a bit young but it is so easy to … Continue reading

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Limitations when using DbUnit in multi-schema environment

DbUnit has a useful feature when using multiple schemas. After setting a property called, DbUnit will always refer to a fully qualified table name, using the schema in prefix, as expected. However, it has the side-effect that the schema … Continue reading

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Maven Surefire 2.3 released with support for JUnit 4

Surefire 2.3 for Maven has been released March 1st. No big announcements, just a post on the maven mailing list. Still, it is a big deal for me, as I can at last run my JUnit 4 tests with Maven.

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Gienah: inject Spring dependencies in your JUnit 4 tests

I wanted a way of using my test with dependencies coming from my Spring definition.

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CITCON Dallas/Fort Worth April 27-28

Paul Julius and Jeffrey Fredricks have announced CITCON D/FW 2007. It is the third in a series where CITCON London 2006 was number 2. Considering how enjoyable CITCON London was, it is totally worth going to CITCON D/FW if you’re … Continue reading

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p6spy, dbUnit and maven

p6spy is a JDBC proxy that will log the SQL statements passed to a database. It is a relatively old project (last release is from 2003 but I only heard about it today, as I was looking for a way … Continue reading

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Test Driven Design and Data Access Layer

I am currently writing the Data Access Layer of a Java project using Hibernate and I want to apply TDD on my work. The part that is concerned with the database is the mapping of objects on the database schema, … Continue reading

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Configuring Cobertura in Maven 2

After many spurious error messages, I finally managed to make it work. Be warned that the information on the official Cobertura Maven plugin page, the informations are not exactly correct. Below, you’ll find in bold the fixes. The “Basic Cobertura … Continue reading

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Great interest in OpenSpace and FIT technologies

I arranged a presentation last week to my colleagues, with Guillaume Tardif as co-host. We were quite pleased that many more people than expected showed up. The most part of the presentation was about OpenSpace Technologies. We are planning to … Continue reading

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Agitar Presentation

I have arranged a visit in Valtech by Agitar UK people last week. We had a presentation of AgitarOne (Agitator + Dashboard), their recently-released product. Frankly, the documentation and video presentations on their website do not give it justice: there … Continue reading

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CITCON: The Culture of CI: Before Installing CruiseControl & Beyond Installing It

I had suggested a topic covering “Beyond Installing CruiseControl – CI Culture with Management and Developers”. It actually got merged with “Social Impact of CI”, suggested by Michael, and “How to introduce CI”, from Jeffrey. Jeffrey had, in fact, a … Continue reading

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CITCON and random figures

Mike from Atlassian was quite a vocal participant to CITCON. During the talk on CI Culture, he explained that the developers in his team were among the top 5%, but that they wanted to reach the top 1%. Someone then … Continue reading

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CITCON and technical excellence

I was generally impressed by what people seems to have put in place for Continuous Integration. Here is a list, from the top of my head: load testing; Douglas Squirrel from youDevise told how they were using CruiseControl to trigger … Continue reading

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