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Maven: it ain’t too bad

(or Maven Doesn’t Suckā„¢) My colleague David recently wrote a controversial post on Maven and what is wrong with it. As his neighbour in a cramped office room, I feel compelled to give my own opinion about it. Which fits … Continue reading

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Sonar and Maven

Fact to know: though it does not say so in the documentation, Sonar requires a fairly recent version of Maven. Version 2.0.4 failed, but 2.0.8 worked.

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Skipping tests with Maven

The Maven Surefire page explains that -DskipTests and -Dmaven.test.skip=true can both be used to avoid running tests. If you use an old-ish version of Surefire (pre-2.4) or even if you use the latest version (2.4.2 as of February 21th, 2008), … Continue reading

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How to use Maven with no shared repository

On the projects I work on, I always try to introduce Maven. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to get approval for a separate machine to be used as a repository. For open source packages, that is not really a problem … Continue reading

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‘Matrix’ project building with Hudson

The crazy (8 releases in the past 30 days!) Hudson dev team has just introduced a new feature. They call it a ‘matrix project’. The idea is that a configuration would often be common to many builds. Say, one for … Continue reading

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Maven: The plugin ‘standard maven plugin’ does not exist or no valid version could be found

A week ago, Maven started shouting “The plugin ‘org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin’ does not exist or no valid version could be found”. What the…?! how can “maven-war-plugin” not exist?? Besides, it is in my repository! As it turns out, it is a reasonably … Continue reading

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How to run XFire 1.x with Spring 2.x and Maven 2.x

In version 1.2.5 of XFire, a module called xfire-spring is necessary to run it together with , well, Spring. The issue is that the POM file for it is designed to run with Spring 1.2.x.

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Maven Surefire 2.3 released with support for JUnit 4

Surefire 2.3 for Maven has been released March 1st. No big announcements, just a post on the maven mailing list. Still, it is a big deal for me, as I can at last run my JUnit 4 tests with Maven.

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p6spy, dbUnit and maven

p6spy is a JDBC proxy that will log the SQL statements passed to a database. It is a relatively old project (last release is from 2003 but I only heard about it today, as I was looking for a way … Continue reading

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Changing maven local repository

This is something that is not well documented on the web, though it is quite clearly in the default settings.xml file provided with the default Maven installation. The default repository used by Maven 2 to store the various artifacts is … Continue reading

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Configuring Cobertura in Maven 2

After many spurious error messages, I finally managed to make it work. Be warned that the information on the official Cobertura Maven plugin page, the informations are not exactly correct. Below, you’ll find in bold the fixes. The “Basic Cobertura … Continue reading

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