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Paris JUG Rocks On

With its second installment yesterday evening, Paris JUG is confirmed as the de facto meeting place for Java enthusiasts in Paris.

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Skipping tests with Maven

The Maven Surefire page explains that -DskipTests and -Dmaven.test.skip=true can both be used to avoid running tests. If you use an old-ish version of Surefire (pre-2.4) or even if you use the latest version (2.4.2 as of February 21th, 2008), … Continue reading

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Paris JUG is alive!

I was there! Last Tuesday, I witnessed the first meeting of the first Paris Java User Group. At long last, more than 10 years after the creation of the first JUGs, after the creation of dozens of JUGs at our … Continue reading

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BarCampParis15: Tools 2.0

I have long wanted to attend a BarCamp but it’s not easy to get yourself to attend a conference on a Saturday after a whole week of work. I was also turned off by an impression that the crowd was … Continue reading

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CITCON Brussels 2007: Jester & Jumble

I was very excited when Squirrel suggested a topic about mutation testing. I had looked at Jester & Jumble before, but gave up after a couple of hours, as they are not very easy to setup, and mostly not maintained. … Continue reading

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Oracle offers to buy BEA

Yep, it appears that Oracle has made an hostile bid for BEA, the last major independent pure player in application servers. It’s interesting because Oracle has had its own (mostly ignored) Oracle Application Server (OAS). I guess they were only … Continue reading

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Today, I played a bit with Huckster, a presentation tool designed by James Gosling. It’s intriguing: counter-intuitively, it does not have any kind of unique features (as you would expect from an outsider in the world of presentation tools). Its … Continue reading

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How to use Maven with no shared repository

On the projects I work on, I always try to introduce Maven. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to get approval for a separate machine to be used as a repository. For open source packages, that is not really a problem … Continue reading

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Valtech Days 2007: October 23 & 24

The 3rd edition of the Valtech Days is taking place in Paris in October 23 & 24. It is going to be a great edition (hey, I’m helping to organize it! ;-) ); I had confirmation that Laurent Bossavit and … Continue reading

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Unitils: a better Gienah?

On my current project, I am using Gienah as a way to integrate JUnit tests with Spring. I am rather pleased with the result, keeping my unit tests quite clean. I just heard today about Unitils, a more ambitious tool. … Continue reading

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‘Matrix’ project building with Hudson

The crazy (8 releases in the past 30 days!) Hudson dev team has just introduced a new feature. They call it a ‘matrix project’. The idea is that a configuration would often be common to many builds. Say, one for … Continue reading

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Subversive likely to become the official Subversion plugin for Eclipse

In a previous post, I mentioned the competition between Subclipse and Subversive, two Eclipse plugins that provide integration with Subversion, a Source Code Management system, to become the official Subversion plugin under Eclipse. I’m a bit late on this, but … Continue reading

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More annoying issues with WebServices

It seems that everyday, I find another reason to bash WebServices. A few weeks ago, we were trying desperately to generate proper Java stubs out of an WDSL descriptor that was using return data described in XSD files. We eventually … Continue reading

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AgileOpen – Continuous Integration with Hudson

After a session on Agile Tooling, I suggested a demo of Hudson. I thought that went rather well. For me, Hudson is definitely the best CI tool today. It is still a bit young but it is so easy to … Continue reading

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Maven: The plugin ‘standard maven plugin’ does not exist or no valid version could be found

A week ago, Maven started shouting “The plugin ‘org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-war-plugin’ does not exist or no valid version could be found”. What the…?! how can “maven-war-plugin” not exist?? Besides, it is in my repository! As it turns out, it is a reasonably … Continue reading

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