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[Agile 2009] What’s in the conference for Java developers?

Agile 2009 is not just for Agile coaches or project managers. About one in three participants qualify herself as a developer or a technical leader. And the program reflects that. Amongst the activities that might interest fans of the Java: … Continue reading

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Maven: it ain’t too bad

(or Maven Doesn’t Suck™) My colleague David recently wrote a controversial post on Maven and what is wrong with it. As his neighbour in a cramped office room, I feel compelled to give my own opinion about it. Which fits … Continue reading

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RIA Frameworks: the never-ending story (JavaCampParis4)

A few weeks ago saw an excellent evening at Google’s: JavaCampParis4. Quite a few people showed up, maybe partly out of curiosity for the famed Google offices (around 60 people in total, much more than previous editions). Google obliged by providing a … Continue reading

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Paris JUG One Year Anniversary

A fun evening last Tuesday at the Paris Java User Group. It was the first year anniversary, so special events were planned. The highlight was the introduction of ALL French JUGs (all created shortly after Paris JUG was). More than … Continue reading

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JavaCampParis3 is on!

I am very excited to let you know that my colleague Anthony and I are organizing a BarCamp related to Java programming and everything that goes around it. Quite a few people have registered already. A lot of the topics … Continue reading

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Back from Open Source eXchange

Interesting day at Open Source eXchange, a conference organized by Xebia and SkillsMatter. It was fun meeting Wendy Devolder (now CEO of SkillsMatter) formerly from Valtech (I worked with her at Valtech London back in 2001-2002) and Michael Isvy (with … Continue reading

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My contributions to Hudson got approved for GlassFish Award Program

My Fit plugin for Hudson and the translation into French got approved for the GAP program. This means I am going to receive money from Sun! I am going to be rich, rich, rich! Err… not quite. Once the 30% … Continue reading

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Drinks with Google Developer Day’s Speakers

It was fun going going this evening to La Cantine to meet some of the speakers for Google Developer Day Paris. I only heard about the conference last week, much too late to register (they are apparently expecting 600 people?!). … Continue reading

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GWT, Flex, JavaFX, Silverlight or JQuery? The jury is still out

Like everyone else, we are interested in new frameworks to design richer web interfaces, usually known as RIA – Rich Internet Applications. Most people will agree that there are three big contenders, but they all have limitations: GWT, though my … Continue reading

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GWT 1.5 Final Released

I just came back from 3-week holidays, and I am still coming to grips with all the news that I had missed. Among them, GWT 1.5 is finally stable! The biggest feature is compatibility with Java 1.5. This is great, … Continue reading

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Sonar and Hudson

I have only mentioned once Sonar in the past on this blog. I should do that more often, as it is truly a great tool. If you read French, please check out my report on a presentation that Freddy Mallet, … Continue reading

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Paris JUG with Kirk Pepperdine

Another successful night with Paris JUG on Concurrency & Performances. For once, we had a guest star: Kirk Pepperdine, a seasoned practitioner of projects with performances issues (he worked on Cray machines, yes sir!). He managed to attract the largest … Continue reading

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Merging lists in a Spring configuration file

Spring provides useful types for creating lists of values. However, it is not as good for merging lists. Here is an option.

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Sonar and Maven

Fact to know: though it does not say so in the documentation, Sonar requires a fairly recent version of Maven. Version 2.0.4 failed, but 2.0.8 worked.

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GWT beta now compatible with JDK 1.5

Everybody seems to agree that GWT is great. However, one point that has long been considered a problem is its lack of compatibility with JDK 1.5 (though many people did not really understand that GWT actually still works fine in … Continue reading

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