AgileOpen – Continuous Integration with Hudson

After a session on Agile Tooling, I suggested a demo of Hudson. I thought that went rather well.

For me, Hudson is definitely the best CI tool today. It is still a bit young but it is so easy to use that it is a breeze to switch to it.

As compared to Hudson:

  • CruiseContol is more complex to use; however, it is still much more complete and better integrated with SCM tools. The community is very active.
  • Continuum is limited with regards to integration with Subversion (it requires that Subversion is installed with an HTTP server -not our configuration on my current project-)
  • LuntBuild has a good reputation (I haven’t tried it). It could be similar in features, though I suppose some are only available with the non-free version.

Hudson is also under aggressive development. There are currently about one update every 2 weeks!
Here are a few screen shots from v1.110 of Hudson, the latest as of this writing.

Main screen
Hudson Main Screen

Job screen (a job is a build in Hudson’s terminology)
Hudson Job Screen

Build trend for a job
Hudson Job Build Trend Screen

Screen where a job is configured (note that nothing needs to be configured in a properties file)
Hudson Job Configuration Screen

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8 Responses to AgileOpen – Continuous Integration with Hudson

  1. Brett Porter says:

    For the record, Continuum does not require you run Subversion with a HTTP server, simply that your POM can be accessed from an URL (including file://). :)

  2. Eric Lefevre says:

    Hm… I didn’t know that.
    I assume that this URL cannot be of the form svn://…/pom.xml.

    So, if I understand correctly, I could make a local copy of the pom.xml (assuming that I do not have an HTTP server for Subversion, as it is the case currently), and still access the rest of the files using the svn:// format?

  3. Eric Lefevre says:

    Version 1.111 of Hudson has been released the day after I wrote this post! These guys are just too fast ;-)

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