Valtech Days 2007: October 23 & 24

The 3rd edition of the Valtech Days is taking place in Paris in October 23 & 24.

It is going to be a great edition (hey, I’m helping to organize it! ;-) ); I had confirmation that Laurent Bossavit and Régis Medina will be there, as well as Pascal Roques, and many others. Laurent will talk about “DIY Agile”, while Régis will expand on Refactoring, his pet topic. Pascal will discuss UML and Agile.

Other talks will focus on JBoss Seam, Spring, Agile & Offshore, Adobe Flex, the future of Web, Google APIs, SOA, XForms, Agitar Agitator, and Rally!

And that’s just the first day… on the second, an openspace technology event will take place, possibly the first such public event in France. Facilitation will be handled by yours truly. I hope that, experienced or not, all will be able to have their say, suggest topics to discuss, get together to talk, and get in touch with other members of the IT community (mostly Agile, if all goes well!).

OpenSpace Technology is now recognized as a fabulous way to harness energies and run productive meetings. It has been used in such conferences as CITCON, AgileOpen and the Agile conference series.

To learn more about OpenSpace Technology, see this explanation in French (translation is Forum Ouvert), or this one in English.

Come join us for these exciting 2 days!

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