Great interest in OpenSpace and FIT technologies

I arranged a presentation last week to my colleagues, with Guillaume Tardif as co-host. We were quite pleased that many more people than expected showed up.

The most part of the presentation was about OpenSpace Technologies. We are planning to arrange one such conference within Valtech next year. I cannot wait! (15/02/07 update: it did take place!)

Jerome Baumgarten thought that OpenSpace was similar to BarCamp. I rather disagree, as BarCamp seems focused on coding, or at least on very geeky activities. OpenSpace is more about getting people from different background together, even the security guy (see Rockport Shoes). Not to say that BarCamps are not useful; I’m hoping to participate in one next year.

The, there was the presentation on FIT, and the success we met when introducing it in a bank.

We had planned more talks about QALab and Agitar, but it appeared we foolishly underestimated the popularity of OpenSpace and FIT!

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