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[Agile 2009] What’s in the conference for Java developers?

Agile 2009 is not just for Agile coaches or project managers. About one in three participants qualify herself as a developer or a technical leader. And the program reflects that. Amongst the activities that might interest fans of the Java: … Continue reading

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[Agile 2009] Presence of the CITCON community at the world’s premier Agile conference

CITCONers are everywhere! And nowhere more than at Agile 2009 Conference. First, CITCON will be represented by Lydia Tripp and myself during the Freshers’ Faire at the Ice Breaker. Watch out for the CITCON easel pad… and world-famous t-shirts ;-) … Continue reading

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[Agile 2009] Continuous Integration

This year, just like last year, Continuous Integration is proving to be a popular topic at Agile 2009. Implementing Scrum/XP Practices using Team Foundation Server, by Tommy Norman : how various practices, including CI, can be implemented using Microsoft tool … Continue reading

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[Agile 2009] Hudson-related presentations

Going to Agile 2009? Cannot get enough Hudson? I have put together a list of sessions at the conference that will explicitly mention the best CI server eveeeer ;-): Java Power Tools – getting it all together by John Smart,  … Continue reading

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XP France becomes Agile France, and other news from the French Agile community

As a member of XP France, I attended the annual meeting that took place during XP Day Paris last week. Things have been moving for our little group. Agile France First and foremost, the group is renaming itself. It will … Continue reading

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“Is Scrum Evil?” Beyond our session at XP Day Paris

Our session “Is Scrum Evil?” at XP Day Paris this year went well. Attendance was good (50 people or so). One participant called it an “eye opener“. Two recorded the discussion (one of the records is available, in French, here; … Continue reading

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[Agile 2009] Self-management: Pomodoro

I have become interested in Pomodoro at Agile 2008 in Toronto, so I thought it’d be nice to check out where in Agile 2009 you can get to hear about it. Staffan Nöteberg is back with The Pomodoro Technique: can you … Continue reading

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XP Day Paris, Agile 2009 and CITCON

I will be quite busy in 2009 with conferences. Coming up is XP Day Paris, May 25th & 26th (next week!). No less than 3 sessions will be presented by yours truly: Introduction to Retrospectives, with Laurent Bossavit TDD Explained … Continue reading

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Maven: it ain’t too bad

(or Maven Doesn’t Suck™) My colleague David recently wrote a controversial post on Maven and what is wrong with it. As his neighbour in a cramped office room, I feel compelled to give my own opinion about it. Which fits … Continue reading

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RIA Frameworks: the never-ending story (JavaCampParis4)

A few weeks ago saw an excellent evening at Google’s: JavaCampParis4. Quite a few people showed up, maybe partly out of curiosity for the famed Google offices (around 60 people in total, much more than previous editions). Google obliged by providing a … Continue reading

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Why I use Twitter

I regularly mention Twitter to colleagues and friends. Most of the time, their reaction is “uh? I already do not have time to read blogs, why do you think I should waste time on Twitter as well?” That reminds me … Continue reading

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Refactoring applied to features (or YAGNIAM – You Aren’t Gonna Need It… Any More)

Refactoring code without modifying its external behavior is necessary to keep your code base manageable. That is nowadays a well-established fact. However, it can only go so far to prevent your code base from swelling permanently. In theory, if your … Continue reading

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Is Fit Dead? A debate on Twitter

Influential members of the Agile community recently discussed the current state and history of Fit (the original thing, not Fitnesse or other Fit-inspired tools). The conversation took place on Twitter mostly on Tuesday, March 3rd and Wednesday, March 4th. Here is … Continue reading

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Fitnesse now supports versioning to SCMs!

I really like how Fitnesse is doing these days (I even subscribed to the mailing list, which I had not considered last year, for example). Bob Martin is adding features every few weeks. It is great! In the release he … Continue reading

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Paris JUG One Year Anniversary

A fun evening last Tuesday at the Paris Java User Group. It was the first year anniversary, so special events were planned. The highlight was the introduction of ALL French JUGs (all created shortly after Paris JUG was). More than … Continue reading

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