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Worse than static methods or final classes?

Do you know what’s worse that static methods or classes marked as final? I’ll tell you what’s worse: static methods that return final classes. That only provides private constructors. Here I was, merrily testing my way through a piece of … Continue reading

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I avoid method variables in my test methods

Here is a typical example of a test method @Test public void should_search_by_path() { Searcher searcher = new Searcher(); Path location = new Path(“somewhere”); String data = “data”; searcher.putAt(data, location); assertThat(searcher.findAt(location), is(data)); } It seems that many developers consider this … Continue reading

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Java’s varargs are for unit tests

At Devoxx last week, Joshua Bloch argued during his talk “The Evolution of Java: Past, Present, and Future” that varargs are only “somewhat useful”. I think he is overlooking some usages, particularly in tests. Here is my case.

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Play Framework and Guice: use providers in Guice modules

Play Framework has a Guice module. Unfortunately, its use is fairly limited compared to what Guice can do. In this post, I describe how it is configured on my current personal project.

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CITCON London 2010

I’m returning from CITCON London 2010. What a great conference (and I’m not just saying that just because I helped organize it)! In fact, I feel it has been the best CITCON so far. I was a bit afraid of … Continue reading

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Why aren’t there more Agile luminaries developing and selling software?

Have you noticed that few Agile luminaries earn a living from writing and selling software? Many do write code as consultants. Other are respected authors of non-commercial open-source development tools. Some do work for software companies such as RallyDev or … Continue reading

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How to use LogMeIn under Linux

For my Remote Pair Programming session with Alexandru Bolboaca, I wanted to work on our actual code, not toy programs. It was hard finding a technical solution to allow this (despite the many suggestions I received on Twitter; the biggest … Continue reading

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How we use Git at Algodeal

I’ve talked recently with the CTO of a small-but-successful company, trying to explain how we do software development. I realized that many things are difficult for them to copy from us, mostly because we have a different approach to implementing … Continue reading

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Bob Martin on TDD in Clojure

Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin has just blogged on the differences in TDD styles using Clojure, as compared to more traditional languages such as Java. Though I am a Clojure-newbie, I mostly disagree with his conclusions. His main point is that, … Continue reading

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AppArmor: how to fix the Create New User issue with logprof

We have started to use AppArmor as a way to strengthen the security on our platform. A reasonably good tool for which you can find rather straightforward tutorials. Portrait of a young woman dressed as Boadecia or Mother England by … Continue reading

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Predictions for CITCON Europe 2009

Last year, at CITCON Amsterdam 2008, a few of us stayed late into the night, drinking beer and discussing the state of the world. And what to do when you have 21 geeks with time on their hands? Why, predictions, … Continue reading

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CITCON Paris 2009, a personal retrospective of the organization

As I write this, 3 days after the closing, I have still not fully recovered from CITCON Paris 2009. I have been very much involved in organizing this edition, so I would like to indulge in a bit of personal … Continue reading

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Faster tests, at CITCON Paris 2009

“Going nowhere fast” by Nathan The session on Faster Tests (led by David) was interesting, at least to the extend that it was quite clear that we at Algodeal are not doing too bad indeed (Douglas Squirrel from youDevise is another one … Continue reading

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Mock objects at CITCON Paris 2009

The session on mock objects, mostly lead by Steve Freeman, was a bit messy but interesting. My colleague David got to show some of our code on the screen, which was scary and exciting (he felt the urge to fix some of the … Continue reading

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Interviewed by François Beauregard

François Beauregard from Pyxis Technologies interviewed me during Agile 2009 for their Vox Agile podcast. The interview is now online. We chatted about a favorite topic of mine: how to expand the horizons for Agile. My point is mostly that … Continue reading

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