[Agile 2009] Presence of the CITCON community at the world’s premier Agile conference

CITCONers are everywhere! And nowhere more than at Agile 2009 Conference.

First, CITCON will be represented by Lydia Tripp and myself during the Freshers’ Faire at the Ice Breaker. Watch out for the CITCON easel pad… and world-famous t-shirts ;-)

CITCON alumni are now a big crowd (there are more than 750 mailing list members, and presumably many more attended the CITCON events). Many of them will present at the conference
Modern and traditional tools

It Takes Two To Tango Also, Lisa Crispin is producer of the Testing Stage. And don’t forget that many more CITCONers will be presenting on the OpenJam stage, too! I know I‘ll be.

Lastly, I will be appearing a one of the contestants in Programming with the Stars! This means that I’ll be paired up with a “star”, then we’ll try to show our mad programming skillz and outperform our competitors. This is incredibly exciting but also very intimidating. Although I consider myself a competent programmer, I am certainly not the best, and the participants at the conference are not exactly beginners. Scary!

Check out the conference blog for an account of how Programming with the Stars went last year.

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