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A novel way to spam blogs for SEO

On March 18th, I received the following email: On 18 March 2012 16:26, Jen Rhee <> wrote: Hi Eric, I came across your site and wanted to share my infographic about Wikipedia and how it’s redefining the way we research. … Continue reading

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Io Language: adding slots to messages

Week 2 of the Seven Languages in Seven Weeks book is about the Io Language. Day 3 is more specifically on how the flow of control (how messages are passed to an object or to its parent) can be hijacked … Continue reading

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Refactoring applied to features (or YAGNIAM – You Aren’t Gonna Need It… Any More)

Refactoring code without modifying its external behavior is necessary to keep your code base manageable. That is nowadays a well-established fact. However, it can only go so far to prevent your code base from swelling permanently. In theory, if your … Continue reading

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I am a jealous man

I’d like to have many visitors. But compared to some blogs I follow, I still have work to do. Here are some information, according to Google Analytics. Compared to Claude Aubry, who writes in French about Scrum, I now reach … Continue reading

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2007: a mini personal retrospective

Wow, what a year.

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After all these years, internationalization is still not working well

With all the techniques that we have at our disposal, with all the education that developers got, still we see websites that handle internationalization poorly. I noticed the problem recently on a minor website, but even Flickr and/or Yahoo got … Continue reading

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2 books: “Guns, Germs & Steel”, and “Good To Great”

This August, as I was vacationing in Malta, I grabbed Guns, Germs & Steel at a bookstore in the airport. It is a fascinating book that explains how the European civilization basically ended up dominating the rest of the world. … Continue reading

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Estimates in everyday life

One thing that we teach in Agile courses is estimating. One technique is taken from Steve McConnell and called Count, Compute, and Judge. The idea is that, to make an estimate, you have 3 options. First, if you can Count, … Continue reading

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Telelogic to be acquired by IBM

I’ve just learned that Telelogic, one of my former employers, is to be acquired by IBM. From 1998 till early 2000, I used to work for Verilog, a French software company (I was based in the Dallas office) that was … Continue reading

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Google Spreadsheets Just Added Charts!

I just tried: it works reasonably well, though a bit slow (as one could expect). More here.

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Hiring Tips

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a new list of tips to hiring someone. Since I am actively involved in interviewing candidates technically, I always read them in detail. If you don’t know them already, here they are … Continue reading

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Got a new laptop bag

The original briefcase-style bag that came with my laptop one year ago was finally so torn that I decided to buy me a new bag. My criteria were the following: it must be a backpack. I’m sick with having something … Continue reading

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Pandora: listen to music like the music you like

I discovered only yesterday about Pandora (yes, I know, I’m late; it’s being talked about since 2005), a really neat website that is able to play songs similar to those you suggest. You suggest a song (or an artist); it … Continue reading

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A BarCamp in Paris this WE

A BarCamp is taking place in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, near Paris, this WE. The topics include Web 2.0 (of course), as well as social networks and other things. As always, attendance is free, though participants are expected to contribute by coding, throwing … Continue reading

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Healthy Competition in Dedicated Server Hosting

A few month ago,, the second-largest ISP in France, stirred things a bit in the French server hosting arena when they introduced their debibox solution: a dedicated machine with unlimited bandwidth for 30 euros per month! Just a few … Continue reading

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