Paris JUG One Year Anniversary

JUG FrancophonesA fun evening last Tuesday at the Paris Java User Group. It was the first year anniversary, so special events were planned.

The highlight was the introduction of ALL French JUGs (all created shortly after Paris JUG was). More than a year ago, there was not a single JUG in France, there are now in total 9: Rennes, Nice, Bordeaux, Tours, Nancy/Metz, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes, plus, of course Paris (and Luxembourg, Switzerland and Belgium, also represented that evening). There is little doubt that other major French cities will have their own JUG soon, especially Lille and Marseille.

The organizers gave a couple of interesting statistics:

  • the typical participant at Paris JUG is a Java architect more than 30 years old; this is in contrast to other local JUGs in France which have sometimes 50% students in the audience
  • the users mailing list (voluntary subscription only) has around 180 members
  • the announce mailing list (automatic subscription when registering to any evening) has more than 1100 members; however, only the organizers can post to it and only announcements of events organized by Paris JUG are made there
  • the number of people registering to a Paris JUG is reaching 220 (more than 200 since September); unfortunately, with 175 available seats, this means that they will have to limit the number of participants in the coming evenings
  • more than 1500 visitors / month to their website

Tombola Jazoon

There were also a few technical presentations, on subject such as Wicket, Java 7 and JOGL, but the most impressive one was for the version 3 (not currently available) of Parleys. Stephan Janssen did an impressive job, first with clients programmed in Flex, Java FX and GWT, second with an almost magic movie editor that matched videos of presentations with slides automatically. That could solve quite a few problems we have with our own conferences at Valtech. Extremely good stuff, as Londoners would say!

For more about this evening at Paris JUG, check out:

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