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How we use Git at Algodeal

I’ve talked recently with the CTO of a small-but-successful company, trying to explain how we do software development. I realized that many things are difficult for them to copy from us, mostly because we have a different approach to implementing … Continue reading

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Implementation of “Creating Change One Tic-Tac At a Time”

Those of you who came to CITCON London 2006 might remember the talk by Jeffrey of the same name (I have a couple of notes from back then, also see the entry for Agile 2007 conference and comments on Alistair … Continue reading

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Visual SourceSafe, a tool worth paying for?

Just kidding, of course. Or am I? Check out this article sent to me by a colleague. It is full of little gems that I cannot resist to share. What about this line: “Even some who are otherwise fans of … Continue reading

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Subversive likely to become the official Subversion plugin for Eclipse

In a previous post, I mentioned the competition between Subclipse and Subversive, two Eclipse plugins that provide integration with Subversion, a Source Code Management system, to become the official Subversion plugin under Eclipse. I’m a bit late on this, but … Continue reading

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Annoying default SVN client in Subversive

Subversive is one of the two Subversion plugins for Eclipse (the other is, of course, Subclipse). At each installation of Eclipse, I try to switch from one to the other. Today, I’ve installed Eclipse 3.3RC1 along with Subversive 1.1.2. When … Continue reading

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Eclipse-Subversion Integration: Secrets Wars

Did you know there were 2 Eclipse plugins for Subversion? Neither did I, until this morning. The leader is still Subclipse. Runner-up is Subversive. Being a credible alternative when it was released, mildly insulting words were exchanged; the Subversive team … Continue reading

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