Visual SourceSafe, a tool worth paying for?

Just kidding, of course. Or am I?

Check out this article sent to me by a colleague. It is full of little gems that I cannot resist to share.

What about this line:

“Even some who are otherwise fans of open source cite the importance of good version control.”

Err… what is that supposed to mean? That many open-source developers do not care much about version control? That would be some news! Or maybe that good version control systems do not exist as open-source? But then, why quote Andy Hunt just one paragraph earlier: “excellent free, widely used, open-source solutions abound—CVS and SVN come to mind.”

“Rajiv Delwadia, chief technologist at life-cycle planning and management application company VersionOne in Atlanta, said that most open-source tools are good enough for most teams. “But if you’re going to pay for anything, pay for good source control,” he added.”

OK, sensible enough… I guess… but wait for the kicker:

“(Delwadia’s team uses Microsoft’s Visual SourceSafe.)”

So… they are throwing away good money for VSS? One of the most hated tools on the market? When so many great free alternatives exist? Priceless, I say!

“doing incremental builds for production software (instead sending complete builds through QA on the way to release) is too risky, the company [Electric Cloud] says”

…uh? I guess the reporter got it exactly wrong. As we all now know, incremental builds are the right way of doing releases.
Maybe he really wanted to say that *partial* builds (say, one or 2 dependent components) were risky?

Ah well. I want to be sympathetic. Really. It’s not easy being a journalist when the tech guys you talk to all do not care much that all the information is properly communicated.

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