Eclipse-Subversion Integration: Secrets Wars

Did you know there were 2 Eclipse plugins for Subversion? Neither did I, until this morning.

The leader is still Subclipse. Runner-up is Subversive. Being a credible alternative when it was released, mildly insulting words were exchanged; the Subversive team even suggested that cooperation was in order (which was mostly rejected by the Subclipse team). This culminated with 2 competing proposals (one for Subclipse, one for Subversive) being made to the Eclipse foundation.

That was about 6 months ago. Today, I am not clear who the winner is. The proposal for Subversive states that it has been approved (though I thought that the Eclipse team usually did not give formal approbation). But development goes on furiously for both teams (both released Eclipse 3.2-compatible versions in early February 2007).

As for me, being behind a very annoying firewall, I cannot use the update feature from Eclipse to get Subclipse. So I am giving Subversive a shot.

Somehow, this all sounds like a storm in a tea cup, doesn’t it?

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5 Responses to Eclipse-Subversion Integration: Secrets Wars

  1. You can download a zipped update site of Subclipse. There is a link to the download area on the main page. Here is the direct URL:


  2. jeanlaurent says:

    I’ll be glad to hear from your experience on subversive.
    I tried it back in may last year and I was rather disappointed.
    – They were bragging aggressively about their software.
    – They presented it exactly as today (and it was not in the same state obviously
    – it was unusable at the time. (six month ago roughly)

    SVN integration is included out of the box in all the major IDE except Eclipse. I’m not sure there is room for competition in this kind of software. I mean commit/update must be as trivial as possible. Adding fancy features is suspicious IMHO.

  3. Eric Lefevre says:

    Yes Mark, you are right. I actually spotted the zip file later yesterday and I did install it on my machine. I shall update my post.

  4. Eric Lefevre says:

    Jean-Laurent: yes, I totally agree that the main difference seems to be that the Subversive guys are marketing their stuff more aggressively.
    There does seem to be a few people who like it though, so I guess it’s worth a look.

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