Annoying default SVN client in Subversive

Subversive is one of the two Subversion plugins for Eclipse (the other is, of course, Subclipse). At each installation of Eclipse, I try to switch from one to the other.

Today, I’ve installed Eclipse 3.3RC1 along with Subversive 1.1.2. When trying to commit, there was an annoying behavior: Subversive would display an error (Malformed network data?!) and imply that the files were not committed (same display as before in the Synchronize view).

Lies! All lies! ;-)

An innocent Synchronize reveals spurious conflicts: the code was checked-in… it’s just that Subversive (or rather the SVN client) did not refresh properly. All you can do then is ask for Override and Update.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to fix. Go the SVN configuration in the Preferences window. In the SVN Client tab, you’ll find a drop-down box. The default selection is JavaSVN “Subversive Default”. Switch to SVN Kit: problem solved.

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