Drinks with Google Developer Day’s Speakers

It was fun going going this evening to La Cantine to meet some of the speakers for Google Developer Day Paris.

I only heard about the conference last week, much too late to register (they are apparently expecting 600 people?!).  So that was a rare chance to talk to some of them.

  • talked briefly to Didier Girard who I had already met through ConcordiAgile; he will of course be talking about Web Portals at Valtech Days in October
  • met Googler Chris Chabot; he is working on Shindig, a web engine for social network mini-apps that implements OpenSocial. Though he has a point when saying that there are many more people on social networks that are committed OpenSocial (he mentioned 400 million people, I think) as opposed to proprietary ones such as Facebook (100 millions), I think success is not in the bag yet. There just seems to be a lot of incentive for some networks to provide “advanced, but not quite compatible features”. A repeat of the Unix fiasco is still likely
  • also met Google Patrick Chanezon; I pushed CITCON to him (and to Chris)
  • ex-Valtech Bruno Guedes  was there too! I hadn”t seen him in ages; working with Didier Girard now
  • and of course Antonio, who just seem to be everywhere; we seem to have found an agreement for a date for a BarCamp with Paris JUG

Finally, despite what many seemed to think, drinks were not offered by Google, but by PilotSystems, Plone specialists. Thanks, guys!

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