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What builds are set up on my Continuous Integration tool

On projects that I see, most are using a Continuous Integration tool. Many, however, still do not use those tools to their fullest. Here is what I typically set up on projects that I have control on.

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Hudson in French

I have finally been able to make some progress towards translating Hudson in French. The latest version (1.181) will now display automatically in French if your web browser is appropriately configured.

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Using Hudson as a Continuous Integration tool for Python

On a project I’m involved in, we are programming both in Java and Python. The Java part has been written TDD-style, with Hudson as the CI tool from the beginning. I’ve tried to promote unit testing and CI for the … Continue reading

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Valtech Days: Hudson Demo

My quest for spreading the word about Hudson continues.

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CITCON Brussels 2007: Hudson

After doing it at AgileOpen, I again had the chance to demonstrate Hudson. The attendants had all proved their CI credentials, to say the least, as they included developers on AnthillPro, Build-o-matic, and CruiseControl, of course (how many CC developers … Continue reading

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‘Matrix’ project building with Hudson

The crazy (8 releases in the past 30 days!) Hudson dev team has just introduced a new feature. They call it a ‘matrix project’. The idea is that a configuration would often be common to many builds. Say, one for … Continue reading

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AgileOpen – Continuous Integration with Hudson

After a session on Agile Tooling, I suggested a demo of Hudson. I thought that went rather well. For me, Hudson is definitely the best CI tool today. It is still a bit young but it is so easy to … Continue reading

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