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Upcoming Talk: Introduction To Scrum

I will be at Agile Tour Grenoble Thursday next week. My talk will be an Introduction to Scrum. Come if you are interested in getting the basics about Scrum. In the meantime, Agile Tour Besançon is just starting today! Then, we’ll … Continue reading

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Next Talk: TDD Training

I am giving a 3-day TDD training session at Valtech Training premises, from Monday, October 6th. I’ll introduce a Coding Dojo, like we did in the TDD training last week.

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Improvised Coding Dojo

In the past three days, I have taught Test-Driven Development to a group of Java developers in Brittany. I thought it was a good idea to arrange an inpromptu Coding Dojo. That contained a moderate risk, as all dojos I … Continue reading

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A4 Reports as Iteration Reports

Many people have asked me to talk about the A4 Reports that I have introduced on one of our projects. I’ve postponed this for a look time, but I finally got around to do it. The idea came from the … Continue reading

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Agile 2008: My presentations are bigger than yours

With Agile 2008 just around the corner, superlatives abound: “largest Agile conference in the world“, “premier international conference in agile development“, “a production team of highly respected Agile experts“, “spans the whole spectrum of agile practice“. Participating companies are also … Continue reading

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Architects in their ivory tower

I have recently started a new assignment as a member of an architecture team, which had not happened to me in a while. In the past few years, I have been working as application developer and/or agile coach, occasionally fighting/collaborating … Continue reading

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Become a speaker at Agile Tour in France

Agile Tour is a series of conferences taking place in several cities in France and Switzerland, in October 2008. It aims at spreading the gospel of Agile methods to places outside capitals that have not seen many conferences or user … Continue reading

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“Creating Change One Tic-Tac At a Time” Presentation finally online

I have refered a couple of times to the presentation by Jeffrey Fredrick and Alistair Cockburn. Jeffrey used it in a “How to introduce CI” session at CITCON London 2006. I also mentioned that a CI Game had been implemented … Continue reading

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What size for the features in an iteration?

I first wrote the title of this post in the form “how small should the stories be?”, leading to the apparently obvious answer: “as small as possible”. It is in fact slightly more complex.

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Interview on Journal du Net

A journalist from Journal Du Net interviewed me a couple of weeks ago on the tools and (agile) practices we use at Valtech.

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Toyota Way, Lean Software Development… and Buddhism

In preparation to our holiday trip in Indonesia planned for August, I’ve taken to read stories and legends about Hinduism and Buddhism (though a Muslim country for 90% of the population, Indonesia is the host of Borobudur, the largest Buddhist … Continue reading

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A few words on Test-Driven Development

Cédric Dhénin from TV4IT has an interview of me talking about TDD (in French).

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AgileOpen – Should Agilists Regroup?

At AgileOpen, A session I suggested was particularly lively: Should Agilists Regroup? A couple of weeks ago, I had listened to the Naked Agilists podcast, where Brian Marick had expressed his view that the Agile population had been diluted in … Continue reading

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Back from AgileOpen France 2008

I just returned from AgileOpen France, an Open Space Technology conference organized by Bernard Notarianni, Raphaël Pierquin and Emmanuel Gaillot, in the footsteps of AgileOpen Europe. All in all, it has been a good conference.

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AgileOpen France is the day after tomorrow

The AgileOpen France conference is opening this Wednesday for 3 days, and I am going with my colleagues Etienne and Yannick.

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