Paris JUG is alive!

I was there! Last Tuesday, I witnessed the first meeting of the first Paris Java User Group. At long last, more than 10 years after the creation of the first JUGs, after the creation of dozens of JUGs at our European neighbours, finally a French-speaking Java User Group has been created.

Not to say that there was not community before., a Virtual JUG has been very successful. Also, Club Java and OSSGTP (not purely Java, but certainly strongly Java-oriented) have had their moments of glory.
You could say, though, that differences are that Paris JUG will be less corporate-oriented than Club Java, and more inclusive that OSSGTP.

In any case, there is nothing wrong with popular support for Java, and this is the bestwe’ll get. So long live Paris JUG!

French-speakers might want to check out my more detailed report on the Valtech Blog.

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