Format On Save Plugin For Eclipse

I’m writing this post as a future reminder for myself… This plugin is damn hard to find when you are looking for it.

All it does is automatically format and organize import statements in your Java classes each time you save (Ctrl-S). Basically, it replaces Ctrl-Shift-F (format), Ctrl-Shift-O (imports) and Ctrl-S (normal save).

I had used it for a month, and now that I have changed project, I find myself lost without it. I just found it again today.

Links: Eclipse Plugins website, SourceForge.

Together, let’s all thank Sebastien Vauclair for it.

Thanks to my colleague William Ferreira for the tip.

Update (18/04/07): this is now native in Eclipse 3.3. See Jean Laurent’s post for details.

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  2. Goulven says:

    Thanks for links !

    Same thing. I’ve worked for a few months with, and i now fell lost without it ;)

    It’s a great plugin, simple but best practices recommended !


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