Visit by Jean Tabaka

This week, Jean Tabaka from Rally Dev came to teach Scrum to my colleagues from Valtech. In the evening, she gave a talk on her book, Collaboration Explained.

I have been very impressed by Jean’s easy-going personality. As most people had left the office, I was still hanging around with the boys for a few more minutes when Jean came over and ask if there was anything left to drink. Well, our resourceful Gian managed to find 2 bottles of red wine and the party went on till 10pm.

This is very much in contrast to the only other ScrumTrainer I know, Craig Larman, who I think can be fairly described as “frugal”.

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  1. Ahh, Eric, thanks to your excellent record keeping – a wonderful flashback 8 years later to my friends you, Jean and Craig is possible! Thank you! I hope that Singapore is treating you well.

  2. I can’t believe it has been 8 years already…

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