Healthy Competition in Dedicated Server Hosting

A few month ago,, the second-largest ISP in France, stirred things a bit in the French server hosting arena when they introduced their debibox solution: a dedicated machine with unlimited bandwidth for 30 euros per month!

Just a few days ago, the response came from OVH, one of the largest hosting company in France (and a partner to through their FreeIX interconnection service). They now offer a similar machine (with the exception of RAM) for 20 euros per month! The amount of RAM in this one is 256M, while dedibox has 1G. But 256M would be more than enough for a personal or semi-professional usage, especially when using Linux (Windows 2003 is also available).
20 euros for your own machine! In the US, I couldn’t find any offer below 65$ / month. I admit I didn’t look very much, and the machines are usually more powerful. But where are the cheap options?

This is also a valid alternative to Amazon EC2 for cheap hosting.

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