Hiatus for holidays

I’m currently with Cécile in Bénin, where her parents have been living for a couple of years.

I’m seen relatively amazing things been shipped by people on the way to Cotonou. Here is a sample, apart from the usual huge crates, TV sets, etc:

  • 2 enormous (more than 20”) flat-screens, Höher brand — belonging to the same person
  • 1 travel crate for a large dog — folded, with no dog (maybe they want to bring one back from Bénin?)
  • 5 kgs of semolina
  • 2 6-liter waterproof barrels — presumably carrying the belongings of someone having a limited confidence in the plane’s ability not to crash into the sea
  • 1 car door — with window down
  • 1 2-meter long car bumper

I was definitely not blending in well with my trusty Karrimor.

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