CITCON Amsterdam Continuous Integration Cage Fight on YouTube

Julian has just posted on YouTube videos he took during the CI Showdown at CITCON Amsterdam last October. Sound quality is not very good, so make sure you are in a quiet environment.

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4 Responses to CITCON Amsterdam Continuous Integration Cage Fight on YouTube

  1. Eric! You scooped me! Serves me right for tweeting.

    I’m going to write up something around each video on I hope to get something out this week.

  2. Ana Victoria Morales Mulcahy says:

    Hi Eric, in 2004 a photographer called Eric Lefevre was in Ireland and took a picture of a landscape. In it you can see my cottage. I wonder if you were the photographer. I would like to get the photo.

  3. @Ana

    I did visit Ireland once, but before 2003; plus, I am not a serious photographer. So I am not the person you are looking for, sorry.

  4. @Julian sorry, I just couldn’t help myself! They had “blog about me!” written all over ;-)

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