CITCON Brussels 2007: Hudson

Hudson demo: the dashboardAfter doing it at AgileOpen, I again had the chance to demonstrate Hudson. The attendants had all proved their CI credentials, to say the least, as they included developers on AnthillPro, Build-o-matic, and CruiseControl, of course (how many CC developers in the room? at least 6, I’d say).
Hudson demo: the build trendI think my point that Hudson was the easy, very usable alternative, went well, but they were more impressed with the combinations matrix feature (I personally think that the killer feature is the simpleness of the form where a job is defined).
At the evening drinks, one or two people asked whether I was part of the development team, which was flattering. I guess I should consider getting more involved, but there are already so many things I want to do, and so little time! How do all these guys do?!

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3 Responses to CITCON Brussels 2007: Hudson

  1. Alexis MP says:

    Thanks Eric for sharing your Hudson enthusiasm!

  2. Kohsuke Kawaguchi says:

    Yes, please consider getting involved with the Hudson project! We are always looking for more committers.

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