Palm Tungsten New Year Bug

I had a most peculiar problem with my Palm Tungsten T3 (to which I’m happily commited). A few days ago, it started to turn automatically on after just a few seconds, and would not turn off by itself, obviously draining the battery in a couple of hours.
After numerous unsuccessful searches on Google, I eventually was lucky enough to figure out the problem in just a couple of days (and after 3 or 4 hard resets wiping out the memory — but I had a backup anyway). The issue is related to birthdays occuring at the beginning of the year, and birthday reminders set to (presumably) more days than the number of days from the beginning of the year. I just had to uncheck the reminder for birthdays and everything went back to normal.
Some of you will be glad to know that this has been acknowledged by PalmOne. Hopefully, they’ll figure out a patch before next year.

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