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Cobertura with Maven and Hudson

Cobertura and Maven: There are TWO important things to do. Then, we’ll see about integrating Cobertura and Hudson.

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Scrum and XP From the Trenches

I have originally had a look at Scrum and XP From the Trenches around 2 years ago, I think. It seemed to be good, but too long, so I barely scrape the surface. Recently, I have had a longer look … Continue reading

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Interview on Journal du Net

A journalist from Journal Du Net interviewed me a couple of weeks ago on the tools and (agile) practices we use at Valtech.

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A few words on Test-Driven Development

Cédric Dhénin from TV4IT has an interview of me talking about TDD (in French).

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Use Yahoo! Pipes For Manipulating RSS Feeds

With Pipes, I think Yahoo! has a really interesting and powerful solution. Yesterday, I did a quick demo to my colleagues during an internal Lightning Talks session showing how they could tune their blog feeds in order to integrate better … Continue reading

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Implementation of “Creating Change One Tic-Tac At a Time”

Those of you who came to CITCON London 2006 might remember the talk by Jeffrey of the same name (I have a couple of notes from back then, also see the entry for Agile 2007 conference and comments on Alistair … Continue reading

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A very complete article on Hudson (in French)

French developers seem to have adopted Hudson enthusiastically. A new article on Hudson by my colleague Romain Linsolas has been published on the influential community.

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XP Day Paris rescheduled to May 5 & 6

XP Day Paris 2008 (warning: as of March 22nd, the site still states the wrong date) was planned for May 12 & 13, but the organizers had to advance it by a week to May 5 & 6. It sounds … Continue reading

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Valtech Sponsors CITCON Amsterdam

The Conference on Continuous Integration & Testing is taking place this year in Denver (April 4 & 5), Melbourne (June 27 & 28) and Amsterdam (October 3 & 4).

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Valtech Days: Reflecting on our Open Space Technology event

I have participated at a few Open Space events, and facilitated some, but the crowd never exceeded 60. So I was a bit apprehensive, when it appeared that the Open Space Technology part at Valtech Days Paris 2007 would gather … Continue reading

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Valtech Days: Hudson Demo

My quest for spreading the word about Hudson continues.

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Valtech Days 2007: notes, blogs & pictures

My pictures are stored on flickr and I have also put my notes on the conference wiki: Intégration Continue, Outillage Agile, Recruter un bon profil Agile. All notes from the Open Space sessions, links to blogs and pictures are available … Continue reading

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Valtech Days: an insider look

Wow. I started writing this post on my way back from the Valtech Days conference, which I have contributed to organize, and all I can say is “wow”.

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Back from CITCON Brussels 2007

I came back from Brussels this Sunday evening, after some visiting of the city. The conference has been a blast, especially networking with other participants. It has been great seeing again people that were there last year in London… and … Continue reading

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I’ve been interviewed!

The folks at (the de facto leading French website for developers) have interviewed me about the Open Space Technology conference that we are having at the Valtech Days on Wednesday.

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