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Introducing computers to kids in kindergarten

A couple of weeks ago, I organized a workshop based on MaKey MaKey from the 20 children in my daughter’s class in kindergarten. The children were born in 2009, so were around 5 years in age. The plan was to demystify computers … Continue reading

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[Musings] Hot Chocolate for the Busy

I used to think that the only way to heat milk properly for preparing hot chocolate was by using a saucepan. I eventually decided to experiment with a microwave oven.

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You know you’re a sticky notes geek when…

Your wife leaves a trail of sticky notes before when she leaves town for a few days. You know, just so that you wouldn’t forget a couple of shores.  

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2007: a mini personal retrospective

Wow, what a year.

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Hiatus for holidays

I’m currently with Cécile in Bénin, where her parents have been living for a couple of years. I’m seen relatively amazing things been shipped by people on the way to Cotonou. Here is a sample, apart from the usual huge … Continue reading

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Moved this site to WordPress

I was using Blogger so far, but I have decided to move to WordPress, mostly because of the support for Categories (similar to tags). I had to host WordPress on my site, which is unfortunate, as it means that it … Continue reading

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Baby Steps

Well, it was bound to happen. We are now happily engaged. And to each other, too! ;-) Cécile has the pictures.

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