Agile 2008: My presentations are bigger than yours

With Agile 2008 just around the corner, superlatives abound: “largest Agile conference in the world“, “premier international conference in agile development“, “a production team of highly respected Agile experts“, “spans the whole spectrum of agile practice“.

Participating companies are also guilty of that.

One such is SolutionIQ, who boasts “more speakers than any other services organization in attendance“. I have counted 9 speakers and 9 presentations on their page.

Well, at Valtech, we have “only” 8 presenters, plus one organizer (yours truly): Greg Hutchings, Gilles Mantel, Dave Nicolette, Ryan Hoegg, Mark Smith, Andrew Rendell, Alan Goerner and Tim Walker. But they will host a total of 12 presentations:

So, there! ;-)

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