Scrum is hard… and some people will vote against it with their feet

In a previous post, I mentioned that Paul Julius was seeing a 30% turn over after Agile practices are introduced.

Apparently, this is also expected by Ken Schwaber. This sounds quite contradictory to one the reasons for adopting Scrum, mentioned by Ken himself:

“Why should I be thinking about adopting Scrum? If you develop software and are unhappy with the turnover of staff[…] you should consider adopting Scrum.”

Well, as one can expect, the plan is that Scrum introduces disruption. Some people will leave, some will join, and hopefully the result will be a more stable team. This graph explains it better.

But that’s still hard to hear, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to Scrum is hard… and some people will vote against it with their feet

  1. Mike Vizdos says:

    Scrum is not easy. It is not a silver bullet. It takes courage.

    Check out for some writing about this topic — along with a cartoon or two!

    – mike vizdos

  2. eric.lefevre says:

    Hi Mike. I read and appreciate your cartoons. I have used the one on OpenSpace Technology as one more argument to get one such conference organized here.

    Interestingly, I have recently experienced the opposite of what is described on this post.

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