CITCON and random figures

Mike from Atlassian was quite a vocal participant to CITCON. During the talk on CI Culture, he explained that the developers in his team were among the top 5%, but that they wanted to reach the top 1%. Someone then asked: “where did you get those figures from?” “I just made them up!”

Here are some other random data that could be useful:

  • PJ from ThoughtWorks estimates that, from his own experience, when introducing Agile methodology in an average team, 30% will quit, because they will not want to change.
  • Jeffrey reckons that unit tests must be able to run at the rate of 100 per second, otherwise people will not really use them (is that the number of classes? of test methods? of assert clauses? I guess it is still a useful rule of thumbs)

I have an older post on CITCON.

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