Fixed display errors in French translation to Hudson

I think I have finally fixed (most) errors in the display of the French translation in Hudson. 3 different people reported them to me, which is a sign that Hudson enjoys a strong following in France (I also keep stumbling on French Hudson fans in conferences and my colleague Eric Le Merdy has just released a new Hudson plugin for Nabaztag).

The root of the problem is that I incorrectly thought that properties should be encoded in UTF-8 (in fact, only help pages in HTML should be). In practice, properties files should stay in classic ISO 8859-1.

I didn’t keep trace of which files I had incorrectly converted to UTF-8 and I don’t know of a tool that could check that for me (if you know of one, do let me know). So there is still a chance that some files remain in the incorrect format. If you find any, please create a bug report.

The fix should be available with the next release of Hudson, v.1.269, which should be a matter of days, according to history. My progress on the French translation are listed on the Hudson wiki.

Apologies to all that were inconvenienced by this bug.

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3 Responses to Fixed display errors in French translation to Hudson

  1. Romain says:

    Hi Eric,

    Indeed, the version 1.269 has been released yesterday (and the 1.270 today !), but I don’t see your modifications in the changelog.

    I will try the latest version to see if it is now corrected ;o)

  2. In the great scheme of things, it is a minor issue, so I guess Kohsuke didn’t add it to the changelog.

  3. Hi Eric,

    everything seems to be ok with v1.270, thank you very much!

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