Valtech Days: bio & abstract for Jeff McKenna

Jeff McKenna will be opening the Valtech Days conference on October 21th with a keynote on Agile. We got his bio in English, as well as the abstract for his talk. We duly translated into French, but could not take immediate advantage of the English version.

I thought it would be a good idea to reproduce that version here. The French version is on the conference website.

Talk: Agile: Crossing the Chasm

Description: Agile Software Development is moving to a new level of acceptance in the industry. Geoffrey Moore has famously called this transition Crossing the Chasm. As this occurs, a number of significant changes in the rate and manner of acceptance of Agile are happening. These changes are often accompanied by legends, myths and other points of view. Some of them support the new point of view while others discount it. The keynote will explore many of the legends and myths that surround Agile and describe techniques for adoption Agile into the modern enterprise.

Jeff McKenna has been involved in software development for over 45 years and has been actively participating in the creation and delivery of agile software development since 1987. He has been involved in all areas of software product development from programming, system design and architecture to project management, testing, sales and marketing. Since the late 1980s Jeff has focused on the process side of development and along with Jeff Sutherland and John Scumniotales at Easel corporation in 1993 created the Scrum methodology of agile software development and started the very first Scrum team.

Jeff has worked extensively with object-oriented programming systems, languages and applications and was the Chair of OOPSLA in 1994 which helped to incubate and increase adoption of several related disciplines including agile software development. Working with IBM, Cigna, ObjectShare, Easel Corp, Millennium Pharmaceutical and the US Air force, Jeff provided expertise in architecture, design and implementation for their first Smalltalk based object-oriented projects.

As an Architect at Rational Software (now IBM), Jeff made various contributions to Rational’s industry leading Rose product. These included extensions to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to support a UML model of testing. Jeff also worked with industry pioneers, including Grady Booch, to extend the Rational Rose product to natively support Design Patterns.

Jeff is a Certified Scrum Coach and Scrum Master, he has taught, coached and mentored agile teams using Scrum and Extreme Programming practices for many companies, including Oracle, PayPal, Borland, Vanguard, Microsoft, Google, Lockheed Martin, Tumbleweed Communications, V-Mark and Net Objectives.

Jeff is currently an Agile evangelist for Serena Software helping to build Serena Agile On Demand and working with customers and partners aiding the adoption of agile methods and practices in engineering organizations.

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