Team Morale Matters for Evaluating How Projects Are Doing

Yesterday evening, I attended a internal presentation on Project Metrics (if you’re interested, the promoted process was QGM).
As a technical guy, I took note of an important thing. We were in the middle of a part describing the goals of a project. We were fed with the usual triangle of Price/Time/Requirements. But the presenter, my colleague Ludovic Legros, had one additional thing: team morale. For him, “a project that has been badly perceived by the development teams is not considered to have been performing well.” This reminds us of the sustainable development promoted in Scrum (and many others).

A thing that strikes a chord in our (onshore) team, merely a week after the offshore managers took the decision of making the offshore team work 6 days a week on a regular basis (so far, they were “only” working from time to time on Saturdays).

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