The Power of a Man vs. Manpower

I have been involved in an offshore project for Manpower for more than 6 months.
Well, we have recently learned that Craig Larman was going to coach it and lean more towards Agile methods. Craig is Chief Scientist with my employer and author of various books in our industry. He is going to spend 6 months in Bangalore, starting from early April 2006. He will be involved in 3 projects in total.

I am all for Agile methods, of course, and I think they are the greatest thing since slice bread.
That said, we are already under great pressure (especially as the deadline is considered fixed by my management; keeping to deadlines in not the focus of Agile methods). Also, one can wonder to what the cultural clashes this will lead to with our colleagues in Bangalore.

It will be interesting for me to watch.

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