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Back from Open Source eXchange

Interesting day at Open Source eXchange, a conference organized by Xebia and SkillsMatter. It was fun meeting Wendy Devolder (now CEO of SkillsMatter) formerly from Valtech (I worked with her at Valtech London back in 2001-2002) and Michael Isvy (with … Continue reading

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Merging lists in a Spring configuration file

Spring provides useful types for creating lists of values. However, it is not as good for merging lists. Here is an option.

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Unitils: a better Gienah?

On my current project, I am using Gienah as a way to integrate JUnit tests with Spring. I am rather pleased with the result, keeping my unit tests quite clean. I just heard today about Unitils, a more ambitious tool. … Continue reading

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How to run XFire 1.x with Spring 2.x and Maven 2.x

In version 1.2.5 of XFire, a module called xfire-spring is necessary to run it together with , well, Spring. The issue is that the POM file for it is designed to run with Spring 1.2.x.

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Gienah: inject Spring dependencies in your JUnit 4 tests

I wanted a way of using my test with dependencies coming from my Spring definition.

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