Fitnesse now supports versioning to SCMs!

I really like how Fitnesse is doing these days (I even subscribed to the mailing list, which I had not considered last year, for example). Bob Martin is adding features every few weeks. It is great!

In the release he did a couple of days ago, he added 2 interesting things:

  • one is a format tool that helps giving a more readable view of your tables, in editing mode; unfortunately, your edit panel must be using a fixed-size font (which it is not the case by default on my system)
  • the most interesting addition, though, is the support of SCM tools to store wiki pages

There are two ways to configure a SCM tool.

The first is to specify it on the command line:

  java -jar fitnesse.jar

The second is to specify in a high-level page on your hierarchy of pages:

  !define CM_SYSTEM {com.project.fitnesse.OurSvnSystem me/my_password /cm/myRespository}

This one is interesting, because it allows you to have different configurations for different hierarchies of pages (typically one for each different projects, or even for different versions of the same project).

The bad news, though, is that the CM System Integration class in question is not provided by default, though I’m sure that in time there will be all sorts of appropriate integration classes provided with Fitnesse. But that’s not the case so far (except for an example made to connect to Git — not sure how generic it is). That said, it does seem quite easy to implement that class (you basically need to implement calls to the command line in Java).

You might want to download the Fitnesse release and check out theĀ FitNesse.UserGuide.SourceCodeControl page. As often with Fitnesse, the website does not have the latest details.

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