Valtech Days: presentations in English

I have spent quite some time translating the titles of the presentations at Valtech Days for Jeff McKenna. I thought it would be a good idea to give you the information too!


The conference aims at gathering 300 participants around 4 main themes. Many participants will come for only one of the theme, and (hopefully) will learn about others there too.
The first day is made of talks by presenters from Valtech, partners, and competitors. It ends with a low-key cocktail where everyone is invited.
The second day is mostly an Open Space Technology event, plus a room for the Best Presentations from the 1st day and a room for some of the main partners (IBM, Serena, and Talend).
The 4 themes are:
  • Agile
  • Build Process Automation
  • Architecture (Java, .NET, Web, SOA)
  • e-Business
The presentations are either 45 min- or 15 min-long.

45 mins presentations

EN indicates that the talk is in English.
  • Lean Software Development and Agile practices, continuous improvement for processes and involvement of individuals
  • “Refactor” your project manager
  • Test-Driven Requirements with Test-Driven Development : example-based explanations
  • Will concurrrency programming remain a game for experts?
  • Are you ready for production?
  • (EN) The right ergonomy: let’s improve visual aspect, while still maintaining the relation to the business
  • OSS Enterprise Service Bus
  • Cloud Computing, only for Startups?
  • AJAX : myths and reality
  • SysML : a new modeling langage? why? for whom?
  • Overview of JBoss SEAM
  • Strengths and weaknesses of GWT
  • Automate the quality reporting of source code
  • “Web 3.0” : the discussions, the promises, the innovations
  • Develop your E-Commerce with IBM WebSphere Commerce
  • Share information and collaborate efficiently in a software delivery team
  • Visual Studio Team System : how it fares after 2 years
  • Managing software deployment: Successfully passing the software with an optimized deployment of applications
  • Integrate Adobe Flex in Java, .Net or PHP architectures
  • Increase your E-Commerce convertion rates
  • Coding Dojo TDD in Ruby
  • Resource-oriented Architecture and New Generation Portals
  • Code usability, the key to a long-term agile
  • Retrospectives, the key to continuous improvement
There are also 4 45-min-‘guest’ talks on the second day, including one for Serena, for which we don’t have titles or abstracts yet.

15 mins presentations

  • JBI : an open standard to implement and deploy ESBs
  • What have you tested today?
  • Design of evolving web services
  • (EN) LinQ : reusability at a microscopic level for a better expressiness with less code
  • The essential Hudson
  • SCA, the future for components?
  • How to ease agility adoption by an organization?
  • Presentation of Spring Source DM Server
  • Silverlight
  • (EN) Delivering consistent customer interaction experience through channels integration

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