Planet Valtech France, a blog aggregator, is there

I am proud to announce the availability of Planet Valtech, our syndication page for blogs written by my fellow consultants.

This site aggregates mostly blogs from consultants at Valtech France. However, I have also added Dave Nicolette‘s (from Valtech US), as well as the official blogs from Valtech France, Valtech Germany and Valtech US. Many posts are in French, but roughly every other post is in English.

The site is nothing special, so you’ll probably want to subscribe to the consolidated RSS feed.

Not happy with all RSS goodness? well, you can complain to me, I am waiting for you ;-)

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1 Response to Planet Valtech France, a blog aggregator, is there

  1. Chris Popov says:

    Hi Eric!

    I was suggesting here at Valtech UK, that we should have a global Valtech blog. Syndication is a good option I think. The syndicated blog should be instead of but this is something to coordinate with corporate marketing as this blog is clearly a free advertisement on Google for Valtech. One thing I don’t like in this blog is that there are no categories; it is just a flat list of posts. In RSS there are category tags, so it should be possible to sort posts by categories. Anyway it is a great job!

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